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Strapi Development

Combine the incredible Strapi features with our impeccable development skills to develop modern websites that fulfil all the objectives of your business. Our core strength lies in creating content-rich digital experiences that flex as per your needs. We provide Strapi development to build high performance websites and keep up with the latest standards set by the competition.

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Strapi Development


Multilingual Strapi Development

If you are looking to have a global footprint, having a multilingual website is imperative. Our Strapi developers are fully capable of building multilingual websites with Strapi support for localization. We have extensive experience in building the best of the breed websites that cater to global audiences and diverse target markets. We integrate cutting edge language translation API without compromising on the website performance.

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Multilingual Strapi Development


Strapi Plugin Development

Our team is dedicated to providing customized Strapi solutions to our clients while adhering to the budgets. We understand your unique requirements and develop the suitable plugins that meet your specifications. By embracing the latest technologies and keeping up the upbeat trends, we power up your website with great flexibility, security, and portability across different platforms. If you need unique solutions and create thoughtful products, then we provide you with a solid foundation by efficiently building plugins from scratch.

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Strapi Plugin Development


Static site to Strapi CMS

Making changes on the static website is usually time-consuming to the chagrin of many business entrepreneurs. Skynet Technologies helps you to instantly build and deploy your sites to the global network from Git. We specialize in offering ultra-fast solutions to our clients who need not worry about any accidental overwrites as every change gets synced to GitHub. You can enjoy portable, secure, and faster solutions.

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Static site to Strapi CMS


PWA Implementations

Progressive Web Apps(PWA) are great alternatives to a native app and important value addition to your mobile strategy. You can leverage our smooth, fast, lightweight, and low-cost technology to augment your mobile experience. With our PWA services, make web browsing faster and deliver the optimal user experience. We have the requisite expertise and tech stack to work on amazing front-end frameworks and build reliable web interfaces using APIs built with Strapi.

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PWA Implementations


Custom API with Strapi Development

Create custom APIs from the Strapi dashboard in no time without worrying about frontend or having Node expertise. We help you create your own custom APIs from whatever content you have. Skynet Technologies takes pride in API developments that are personalized as per the client’s wishes down to the most minute details. You can create any backend APIs and have a wide range of integrations.

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Custom API with Strapi Development


Strapi Upgrades

We are always geared up for any new releases and help you grow steadily. We help you overcome all the impediments that come across your way and adopt the new features. All the technical issues are handled without any data loss and we help overcome any overheads involved in having a stable and reliable deployment.

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Strapi Upgrades


Strapi Migration

Whether you want to migrate your existing website to Strapi’s latest version; we can fulfil your requirements. Our extensive hands-on experience in migrating from one platform to Strapi helped us to handle any intricacies involved in the Strapi migration process. We can anticipate the challenges involved well in advance to handle them and complete a seamless Strapi migration.

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Strapi Migration


Strapi Maintenance and Support

Your efforts would go in vain if you don’t devote adequate attention and resources towards support and maintenance services. Skynet Technologies would be your reliable partner in providing round the clock support even after the delivery of your project. With shorter turnaround times, we have always been there for our clients for any emergency support. We also conduct periodic maintenance operations to ensure the efficiency of your website.

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Strapi Maintenance and Support

Power up your business with 
Strapi Development

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Don’t lock yourself in! You can have full control over your application with the self-hosting feature of Strapi. With just a few clicks, you can change your content, portfolio, and other features. Also, you can host your data safe as you own all the servers. We give higher priority to the security of your information. We strictly follow GDPR compliant rules.

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Omnichannel Approach

There has been a rapid increase in the number of connected devices. Join us in leveraging the extra-ordinary flexibility offered by the headless Strapi CMS. You would have the freedom to easily manage fluid content on multiple channels. Whether your users are connected from desktop or mobile devices or in a brick-and-mortar store, you can manage your content for all the channels.

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Vendor Agnostic

No vendor lock-in! Strapi is vendor-agnostic and we have an excellent development team that is proficient in various technologies like Reach, Next.js. Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Angular, Gatsby. We can also help you with hosting on AWS, Heroku, a VPS, or a dedicated server. You can pick any tool of your choice and also choose where you want to host your website.

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Future proof your tech stack! We build dynamic features like data structures, sliders, and other sections that can be reused whenever needed. We also help you to find an easy way to upload, edit and manage a section of media assets like images, videos, PDFs, or GIFs that can be uploaded once and reused multiple times. Your content sits neatly in an API and without reimplementing the whole CMS, you can refresh your design.

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With Strapi, a lightweight CMS, you can scale as high and as fast as possible if you are guided by a professional partner on your team. We help you upgrade your applications, customize your website, or redesign your app without any downtime or loss of data. You can scale across many channels quickly without compromising your performance.

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Strapi has a dedicated community that has been contributing immensely, testing, and reporting any issues. We are excited to be part of the Strapi community. We do share our knowledge about any new feature, fixing a bug, documenting the helper docs, or writing any tutorial that can be handy to anyone. We actively engage in the community, you can just jump in on GitHub to better interact.

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With our Strapi services, you can stop worrying about security vulnerabilities. We do secure your Strapi website using third-party providers. You don’t have to worry about the risk of malware code injections. We create HTTPS web pages and configure SSL certificates to safeguard your website or app from any unauthorized parties.

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Easily Customizable

We are proficient in building Strapi projects that can be easily customized and extended by installing third-party plugins like email, search providers, auth system, etc. We also have experience in building Strapi plugins from scratch. We can customize the layouts, admin panel, as per the requirements of our clients. You can simply plug and play and tailor them as per your needs.

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Intuitive Navigation

Strapi has a very clear UX design and our designers have an envious record in capitalizing on it to build elegant and interactive web interfaces. Any website visitor can find your interfaces easy to navigate, clutter-free, and highly engaging. You can make any changes or add new tasks from the intuitive Strapi dashboard.

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Simple Third-Party Integration

With Strapi, you can have best-in-class third-party integrations for a better experience. You can connect your preferred choices like SendGrid for email, Sentry, Redis, Mailgun, etc. You can also integrate Strapi with a multitude of frameworks on both the frontend and backend. You can use any languages such as React, Angular, Vue.js, next.js, Nuxt.js, Ruby, Python, and anything of your preferred solutions.

Complete Post Strapi Development Services

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Strapi Development & Ecommerce


Our Strapi developers are stacked up with the tools to help you reduce the hosting and Strapi development costs and also help you with easy integration into a wide variety of front-end frameworks. We help you save the development cost by effectively utilizing the Strapi features and save API development costs.
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Ultra-fast websites

We have an envious track record in building ultra-fast websites. With Strapi services, we build dynamic aspects that can be managed from the user’s side. We fully leverage the headless Strapi CMS and static site generator and oversee that only the most relevant parts of the stack run when a user makes a request. This speed up the whole process as we reduce the number of steps involved.
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User Experience

We deliver cutting-edge, tailored solutions that deliver the optimal user experience. Our UI designers and UX professionals are adept at using modern prototypes and tools to build interactive web interfaces. We are mindful of the rising user expectations and unleash our creativity to raise the bar for improved user experience.
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Accessible Websites

We provide Strapi ADA and WCAG compliant websites. Web accessibility is one of the core pillars of our services. All our portals and websites are accessible to all. Strapi websites, apps, blogs built by our developers are accessible to everyone on the web and provide a similar experience to all the users.
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Higher Traffic Generation

With eye-catching designs, faster speed loads, mobile responsive websites, built-in SEO, we take no chances in making your website a lead generation machine. The web browsers throng to your website and get converted into prospects. Also, your files will be served through CDN which compensates for higher traffic.
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Mobile Responsive

We use Strapi and build clean, fast, and mobile responsive sites that can adapt to any screen size. You don’t need to build a mobile website instead, we build mobile-friendly websites. We follow a set of adaptive styles and build web pages fluidly that conform to any browser, device, and resolution. We also stick to a dedicated markup that transforms your web pages into a perfect fit for all devices.
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Strapi development is a process of creating website, applications, Strapi ecommerce store using open-source, Node.js based, headless CMS to manage content and make it available through a fully customizable API. We provide fully customizable Strapi development services for your any kind of requirements.

You can discuss your project requirements with us. We dive into your specifications, needs, goals, and vision. After brainstorming, our business analyst prepares a project roadmap, feasibility plan, and outlines the timeframe. We finally provide you the quote and we will start our work once we get a go-ahead from you.

Traditional CMS such as WordPress or Drupal are monolithic systems that include the backend UI, plugins, front-end templates, CSS, a web server, and a database. They tend to be slower, heavier, and require a lot of custom development to become responsive to various display devices. In recent years, traditional CMS have evolved to overcome these challenges and are often calling themselves Headless although most of them are in fact decoupled.

It depends on your requirements and varies from client to client. It is also dependent on the type of design and your needs. To get a notion, connect with us and our team will brainstorm on your needs and requirements and submit a time frame.

Yes. Our website design and development services are strictly compliant with the search engine guidelines. We do offer a comprehensive range of SEO services and other digital marketing solutions that improve your store visibility in the market.

Yes. Strapi is published under a standard MIT license. All contributions made to the project via GitHub pull requests are governed by the MIT license. The Open Source third-party components used by Strapi are also governed by licenses that are compatible with the vast majority of standard Open Source licenses. Besides the main Strapi project, there is also an open-source component library called Buffet.js to help the community build plugins and better user experiences in application interfaces. Skynet Technologies has a team of open source enthusiasts who firmly believe in transparency and value community contributions and inputs.

Yes, we provide all in one Strapi ecommerce development services.

Yes, of course. The Strapi CMS is based on node.js and asynchronous architecture. This facilitates faster and scalable backend architecture. You can get to know if your app can get the anticipated benefits through an audit. Our team of Strapi CMS migration and consultants will be happy to provide you a blueprint of the most suitable for your context.

Yes, we have creative designers who understand the intuitive human behavior very well and build interfaces that suit their needs and expectations. You can feel free to contact us and demonstrate your current designs and requirements. Based on that, we would craft a redesign strategy that could increase the customer engagement of your web store.

At Skynet Technologies, we allow full-scale Strapi services - customization, Strapi CMS plugin development, large web app, Strapi CMS for UI/UX development, Strapi CMS mobile app, and more.

Yes. Our Strapi developers would assist you better in this process. They would work on the plugins based on your requirements. We would do everything to make sure you have your Strapi website as per your specific needs.

If your company has been facing challenges with the traditional monolithic CMS -like technical debt, ongoing maintenance, unreliable performance, and spending a lot of resources in making your content responsive to an ever-increasing number of devices and channels, would benefit from using Strapi. Usually mid-sized companies or enterprises in the Retail, Media, Banking, or Software industry experience these pain points. So if you are looking to build cost-effective, fasters, and safer websites, Strapi is for you.


Yes. We provide complete white label Strapi development services to multiple agencies, development companies, content team, consultancy, corporation or any entity who are interested in white label Strapi development services. Contact us to know more.

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