Mobile App Accessibility Remediation Services


Mobile App Accessibility Roadmap

Our Mobile app accessibility roadmap includes audit, remediation, maintenance, monitoring, training, and support. Our accessibility work plan entails various semantics of user interface elements that improve the usability and accessibility of mobile app. We incorporate fully comprehensive accessibility API mappings for mobile app platforms to improve accessibility at all touchpoints of interaction.

Mobile App Accessibility Roadmap


Mobile App ADA Remediation

Our team of mobile app developers and accessibility experts incorporates the best practices to break down any sort of constraints while accessing mobile apps. We include various elements like dynamic font sizes, auto color contrasts, transcripts for the multimedia, clear error message, design for varying screen size, focus on touch targets and placement, enabled assistive technologies into the mobile apps to conform WCAG rules and make the experience of the mobile users intuitive and easier for all.

Mobile App ADA Remediation


ADA Mobile App Accessibility Maintenance and Support

With a team of dedicated support, we keep up with all the latest updates in ADA and WCAG guidelines. We stay vigilant by focusing on constantly monitoring of apps to resolve any inadvertent ADA WCAG compliance issues.

ADA Mobile App Accessibility Maintenance and Support

Mobile App Accessibility Remediation Services for
inclusive digital experience!

Capture Wider Markets

With focusing on mobile app accessibility, it provides a massive market opportunity. By embracing these challenges, you are seizing the opportunities to grow, evolve and increase your presence among users with disabilities.

Reduce the risk of lawsuits

By respecting the principles of inclusivity, it would minimize the risk of intricate legal lawsuits. Although there are no separate guidelines for mobile apps; the way of applying WCAG 2.1, and 2.2 standards in mobile apps are different than website. Among the myriad tasks involved in the mobile app lifecycle management, ADA mobile app remediation is one of the key aspects to pay attention to.

Competitive Edge

Set your app apart from competition by providing an ADA accessible mobile app. Paying attention to the needs of everyone shows your dedication and improves better brand perception, more happy users. The word-of-mouth marketing from people with disabilities also contributes to the overall success of a mobile app and gives a competitive edge in the market.

Intuitive and Inclusive App

We remediate a mobile app with accessibility features like custom view controls, voice recognition, designing for varying screens, easy-to-read text, adjustable font size, back list display, simple structure, minimal animations, text highlighting, and more so that it can be used by people with disabilities.

The benefits of Mobile App Accessibility Remediation

  • Broaden market penetration
  • Drive Engagement
  • Wider User Base
  • Enriched User Experience
  • Improve Usability for Everyone
  • Strengthen Brand Presence


Mobile app accessibility remediation is the process of fixing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to mobile apps, by users with disabilities.

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) web accessibility standards are released in 2010 by the US Department of Justice. These standards are meant to make the websites accessible to everyone including people with disabilities. The rules that apply to web applications are relevant for mobile apps as well.

  1. You may get lawsuit
  2. Loss of potential target users
  3. Decrease brand reputation

Well, the cost of a mobile app accessibility remediation depends on the size, features and functionality of the app.

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